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Replacement Heifers

Baldy Heifers Sired by NJW Herefords Black Heifers Sired by Bear Mtn Titan 4045, PA Fortitude, cleanup bull battery

Bred Heifers

Bred to start calving first of February. We can custom breed heifers to fit your calving window and herd management system.

Custom Calving

We can custom calve heifers and will send pairs back to your herd!

Heifer Development

Bring us weaned heifers in the fall. We will grow them, vaccinate them, and have ready for breeding. We can even AI them for you.

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(Note: if nothing shows as currently available, please check back in the fall after we wean calves)

Great Cows

Great Cows

The best part about a bred heifer is watching her become a cow! These heifers have the strength and performance to calve unassisted.

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High Performance

High Performance

We are extremely pleased with the shape and dimension our bred heifers bring to the herd. Their performance to grow and breed is phenomenal.

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Great Udders

Great Udders

These bred heifers will make great foundation females. With udders and teats like this, they will raise calves for years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old are your replacement heifers?

Replacement heifers are born betweeen February and March.

What are the bred heifer's vaccination histories?

I’ll get you a list

How are replacements bred?

All baldy heifers are sired by Ned & Jan Ward Herefords. All black heifers are sired by Bear Mtn, Titan 4045, etc.

When do the breds calve?

Our AI heifers calve early February for 45 days

What are heifers bred to?

All black heifers are AI’d to a calving ease Hereford. All baldy heifers are AI’d to a calving ease Angus. All clean-up with calving ease Angus bull.

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