32741 County Road N
Yuma, CO 80759


Farm Headquarters
11550 US-34
Yuma, CO 80759


Nate: (970) 630-3595
Nikki: (970) 630-9545
Danny: (970) 759-2270

Meet the Family

We are Weathers Family Farms

Nathan and Nikki both grew up on family farms in Colorado. Nathan is continuing the legacy his grandparents started in Yuma County where they continue to raise corn and popcorn. Nikki grew up on a registered Hereford and Angus ranch in SW Colorado. After 20 years of no cattle, she successfully brought cattle back to Weathers Farms. Their two kids, Ty and Tenley, join right in the farming action. They each have a few cows in the herd and sell Ty and Tenley’s sweet corn in the summer.

4 Generations of Farmers

There’s nothing better than passing along the farm to generations. Ty and Tenley are the 5th generation of producers on this farm. They are pictured with Dad (Nathan), Papa (Byron), and Great Grandpa (Tom).

Nikki’s brother Danny moved to the farm upon graduation from Colorado State University. He has been a tremendous asset to the genetics and breeding of the cattle. We are happy to have Danny, his wife Ashlyn, and daughter Allie here!


As a very unique wedding gift, Nathan’s grandfather passed along the family brand. Cattle had not been on the Weathers’ Farm for more than 20 years. He had high hopes that it would again get use. Little did he know, since he gave us that brand, we have used it on more cattle than he had ever dreamed of. Best wedding gift we received!

“Nothing brings us greater joy to see how God has provided a path and vision for our family to raise corn, kids, and cattle. We are proud of this family farm and all it has given us.”

– Nikki Weathers